Voodoo Coconut & Rum Porter Beer – 12× 0.5L | 5.6% ABV

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  • 12x 0.5L | 5.6% ABV

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Voodoo Coconut & Rum Porter is a rich, full-flavored beer that offers a tropical twist. It is brewed with real coconut and infused with rum, resulting in a smooth and unique taste profile. This beer has a moderate ABV of 5.6%, which makes it a relatively easy-drinking beer with a satisfying complexity. The combination of coconut and rum notes offers a sweet and exotic flavor that balances well with the dark, malty bitterness of the porter. Overall, Voodoo Coconut & Rum Porter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a delicious and distinct beer experience.

Suitable for vegans ang vegetarians. Contains gluten.


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