Promotional Marketing Products

At Red Rock we have branched out into the world of promotional goods and promotional business gifts. Whether you’re a business looking to put together company gifts or if you’re an individual intending to supply personalised wedding favours or bespoke drinks for a milestone birthday, the Red Rock Team have you covered.

 We can also provide branded bottles and mini kegs on bulk for those looking to sell branded beer as souvenirs or even create bespoke beers for businesses to launch their own craft beer line.

Company Gifts – Beer for Your Business

Red Rock can create custom labels to place on beers to provide unique promotional goods and send personalized thank you messages. Whether you are looking to offer branded craft ales as complementary gifts within hotels, serve branded promotional items at corporate events or are just looking for personalised touches to offer at weddings, we help you create a high quality custom product. 

Promo products are additionally ideal as company gifts, and are the perfect way to say thank you whilst leaving behind a lasting, positive impression of your business or brand.


In addition to our branded craft ale bottles, we can also provide personalized branding on our mini kegs.

For both options, businesses can either provide a design within the size specification or work with us for a bespoke design.

For corporate gifts there is additionally the option of sending packs of beer with custom labels in our Cheers Beers box. 

Ordering Promotional Goods

Lead time 8-9 weeks.

How to Order:

  • Submit your Enquiry: Send us your query viemail or using the form below and identify which service you would like us to help you with.
  • Approve your Design: We will send you a mockup of what your design will look like for approval or amends.
  • Receive your Beers: You, or your recipient will then receive your personalized bottles of beers, bespoke mini keg or carefully designed pack of beers.

Bespoke Beers

We work with customers to help them stand out from the crowd and provide them with beers which complement their existing product line or service. We view this as a partnership and work closely with our customers to create unique beers.

Depending on budget and requirements, we offer a wide range of options to suit you. It can be as simple as choosing one of our existing beers and rebranding it for your business to use as promotional goods and products. Alternatively, it can be as in depth as working directly with the Red Rock Team to create a bespoke flavour that will be used purely for your brand and business.

The Red Rock Team can additionally work with you for media and promotional purposes. We welcome companies to visit the brewery for a full experience and our brewing rooms can be photographed to promote your new beer line.

Red Rock can create anything from branded promotional items for tourist attractions to sell as souvenirs, to creating beers for bands and football clubs to market as their own and designing drinks for themed restaurants in line with their style.

Please note we have a minimum order requirement of 70 cases (x8 beers = 560 bottles) for branded beers and 20 of kegs. For specially brewed beers we will supply 70 cases of bottled beers (560 bottles) and any excess will be in the forms of mini kegs.

Please get in touch directly with the team for a quote:

T: 01626 879738  |

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