the traditional devon real ales range

‘Tis a Gurt Lush Pint!

This is our range of traditional Devon real ales conditioned for cask and bottle. They are the pioneering beers of our brewery offering a variety of traditional flavours from crisp light summer ales to hearty full strength winter brews. “As brewers we enjoy making all varieties of beers and experimenting with flavours but there really is nothing quite like a good old fashioned quality pint of foaming real ale fresh from the pump.

English Bitter

4.2% | Smooth & Malty

Premium Ale

4.6% | Malty & Well Rounded

Session IPA

3.9% | Soft & Floral

Light Golden Ale

3.8% | Crisp & Refreshing

Extra Strength Beer

5.8% | Rich & Robust

Premium Pale Ale

4.4% | Zesty & Floral


4.5% | Smooth & Full-bodied

Light Amber Ale

4.3% | Bittersweet & Fruity

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