Red Rock Brewery have stood firm since 2006 and, if anything, COVID19 has made our team more determined to supply award winning ales across Devon, the country and beyond. During this second phase of lockdown, Red Rock will continue to produce their award winning Devon Ales and Craft beers which will be available for home delivery via our online shop, alternatively we will be offering COVID SAFE Collection direct form the brewery, including our infamous 18pint and 36pint Bag in Boxes as well as our bottled ales and funky mini kegs, orders can be placed by contacting the brewery directly.

We know this road ahead is daunting, but we at Red Rock believe in the strength of our communities and the ability to pull together to see us through to better days.

Now let us digress from the dredge of COVID19 and focus on something encouraging. Recently we have seen our Limited-Edition Tasty Waves skyrocket in popularity, and our team are working behind the scenes to create some diverse new brews. Red Rock Brewery have exciting plans for the future, with innovative up to date recipes on the horizon including some Christmas Ale delights. There are even whispers of a fresh new look to the Red Rock Branding! You really do not want to miss a thing, so be sure to follow our story on our website and Facebook page.


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