Merry Christmas Craft Ales Gift Set | 6x 500ml


Bring Christmas cheers with 6 fine beers!

The perfect Christmas ale gift set for any craft beer-lover! Choose from Red Rock’s festive limited edition ales for the perfect beer gift this Christmas.



Red Rock Brewery’s Merry Christmas Craft Ales Gift Box | 6x 500ml – 6 exclusive craft beers packaged in Red Rock’s smart festive packaging. Looks so good that you don’t even need to wrap it!

Bored of the same old mass-produced ales? This Christmas craft beer gift set is guaranteed to be a hit with any beer lover and contains 6x 500ml bottles from Red Rock’s range of artisan-brewed craft ales.

Show someone that you think they’re great with this exclusive Christmas beer gift set from Red Rock Brewery.

The Mixed Craft Ales 1 option contains 1x Christmas Cheers 1x Hoppy Crimbo 1x Red Rock 1x LIghthouse IPA 1x Miami Weiss 1x Pilsner.

The Mixed Craft Ales 2 option contains 1x Lighthouse IPA 1x Back Beach 1x Pilsner 1x Capstan 1x Break Water 1x Drift Wood.

The Mixed Craft Ales 3 option contains 1x Lighthouse IPA 1x Capstan 1x Pilsner 1x Dark Ness 1x Break Water 1x Drift Wood

The Mixed Craft Ales 4 option contains 1x Back Beach 1x Capstan 1x Pilsner 1x Red Rock 1x Break Water 1x Drift Wood

The Mixed Craft Ales 5 option contains 2x Pilsner 4.1%, 2x Tasty Waves NEIPA 5.5%, 2x Back Beach 3.8%

Red Rock – 4.2% ABV A copper coloured traditional best bitter, brewed using the English Goldings hop, blended with Cascade and Eureka hops to give this best bitter a sweet malty start with subtle roasted notes followed by a crisp, zesty hop finish.

Lighthouse Devon IPA – 3.9% ABV This award winning IPA is an easy going, soft and refreshing light golden ale. Using our blend of Cascade, Eureka, Goldings and Northern Brewer hops means this light session IPA has a beautifully balanced citrus palate, decadent floral aromas and a subtle finish. A very quaffable beer!

Miami Weiss American Wheat Beer – 4.8% ABV This naturally hazy American Wheat starts with fruity aromas of pineapple, papaya and mango and hints of banana. A smooth and creamy mouth feel lead to gentle flavours of tropical fruits with an underlying clove spiciness with a refreshing aftertaste and a hint of citrus bitterness.

Pilsner Craft Lager – 4.1% ABV Our SIBA Gold Award winning craft Pilsner is brewed to perfection using the finest lager malts, along with wheat malts and rolled barley to give that truly authentic continental Pilsner flavour. The use of Tettnang, Cardinal and Cascade hops gives this Pilsner wonderful balance and a clean and crisp refreshing taste.

Dark Ness – 4.5% ABV This delicious award winning dark ale is smooth and full bodied. We use small amounts of Goldings and Northern Brewer hops to slightly bitter the beer, allowing the brave concoction of malts, wheats and barleys to do all the talking! Enjoy the powerful flavours of roasted coffee and oatmeal with overtones of chocolate, dried figs and plum.

Drift Wood – 4.3% ABV A light golden ale with amber malt giving a slight nutty undertone. Triple hopped with Cascade, Goldings and Eureka gives this ale a wonderful array of fruit and floral aromas – creating a bold balance of bitter sweet flavours with a perfumed nose and dry after taste.

Break Water – 4.6% ABV A premium best bitter brewed using the finest malts and barleys to give it an attractive tawny red colour. Subtle hopping with Northern Brewer and Cascade gives wonderful subtle aromas of dried fruits and malt whilst delivering slight flavours of nuts, fruit and a hint of caramel.

Back Beach – 3.8% ABV One of our pioneering brews and a light session pale ale using a blend of Goldings, Eureka and Northern Brewer hops which give a wonderful floral nose with a crisp, clean taste and a slightly dry finish on the palate.

Tasty Waves NEIPA – 5.5% ABV Naturally Hazy New England IPA, dry hopped with a load of punchy American hops. Soft, juicy, tropical fruit taste with a pungent hoppy aroma and smooth aftertaste with minimal bitterness.

Christmas Cheers Festive Craft Ale – 5.2% ABV – A spiced festive craft ale flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise & cloves.

Hoppy Crimbo Craft Session Christmas Ale – 4% ABV – A festive amber session ale, dry hopped with amarillo hops.


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