5L Mini Keg of Devon Elderflower IPA

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  • 5L Minikeg | 6.7% ABV
  • A premium golden IPA. Crisp, sweet and aromatic to start. A hint of Elderflower leads to a subtle bitter finish.

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Drink Slow, Experience More

Nestling in the hills, we draw our inspiration for the Slow Range from the warm acres of wheat, the resident bees producing local Devon honey, the pearly white blooms of elderflowers in spring and the wild blackberries peppering the hedgerows in the autumn. The Slow Range is our homage to the slowness and beauty of nature and a delicious addition to the brewing process.

  • Premium golden India Pale Ale
  • Crisp, sweet and aromatic to start, a hint of elderflower leads to a subtle bitter finish
  • 6.7% ABV

What is Slow?

Slowness is the forgotten dimension to time. Unlike   chronological time, it is non linear, time here and now, time that works for you, extraordinary time. So why be fast when you can be slow? Slowness is also about balance, so if you must hurry, then hurry slowly.


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