5L Mini Keg of Nectar Honey Pale Ale – 5% ABV

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Red Rock Nectar is a Honey Pale Ale which produces a pleasant floral aroma and a sweet taste.

  • 5L Mini Keg of Honey Pale Ale | 5% ABV
  • Our Honey Pale Ale has won the SIBA gold award.
  • Nectar is a honey beer that is produced using local, Devon honey. This ale is influenced by the flavours that characterise the honey. Each batch of honey is unique, shaped by every changing season and crafting the flavour of Red Rock Honey Pale Ale.
  • Barley, hops and honey are used to create the beautiful golden, amber liquid of Nectar.
  • Honey works within ales to downplay the bitter edge of hops as well as to bring out the more subtle hops. Honey, being a natural sugar additionally increased the potency of the pale ale, whilst creating a smooth and light mouthfeel.
  • Floral aromas born from the local honey define Nectar.
  • This mini keg provides a great way to drink Nectar, working to reduce bottle consumption and recycling


If you’re looking for a light and smooth pale ale with floral note, add Nectar to your basket.

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Red Rock Brewery Nectar Mini Keg

Nectar Honey Pale Ale is a floral, sweet beer, strengthened by it’s natural sugar content. Nectar is carefully brewed to retain the unique flavour of the local honey. This honey beer changes subtly with each passing season. The delicate combination of floral nose, a sweet edge and a smooth finish, makes the Nectar Mini Keg very drinkable.

Red Rock honey beer is strengthened by the very ingredient that defines this drink – which is of course, honey. The natural sugar makes this pale ale more potent, whilst also smoothing out the taste and lightening the mouthfeel. The bitterness that is often found in hops is also minimised by the presence of the honey.

Honey beers result in increased potency due to the natural sugars within the brew. Honey doesn’t produce the roughness usually associated with sugars, instead creating a smooth and light taste. The local honey used results in the floral notes that define this beer. Honey additionally works to neutralise some of the bitterness that can result from hops.

If you’d like to sample the sweet and floral Honey Pale Ale before you commit to the 5L Nectar Mini Keg, include a bottle or two to go in the Pale Ale Pick and Mix! Alternatively include Nectar Honey Pale Ale within the Craft Pick and Mix box. Pick and mix boxes are great options to play it safe whilst trying new flavours!

Nectar Honey Pale Ale additionally makes a great gift option for craft ale lovers! This gift pack contains two bottles of Nectar along with a Red Rock Brewery pint glass.

If you prefer to drink your ale from bottles, there is also the choice of a case of 12 bottles of Nectar.


Malted Barley, Barley, Hops, Yeast, Pure Devon Spring Water and Pure Devon Honey. Contains gluten.


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