In 1962 Jimmie Rodgers wrote a song. In 2019 we’ve created a beer!

The saying goes there are no problems, only opportunities and that’s certainly the case when it comes to our latest limited edition brew named as Country Garden. Originally this beer was planned to be a new batch of our award winning Elderflower Slow beer but due to an unforeseen hiccup, Director Lewis had to think on his feet and dream up a brand new recipe!

“Like everything, occasionally brews don’t exactly go to plan but as a rule, knowing your ingredients and having the experience you can still go on to produce a great tasting beer. You’d forgive anyone thinking it sounds a bit bizarre using camomile and rose in a beer but rest assured it’s actually very delicious”.

Country Garden is described as a Summer inspired IPA with a fruity and floral taste. At 5.2% it’s a perfect choice for any pale ale fans who enjoy a stronger ABV.

This will be a one off brew so if you’re after something completely unique to have on your bar, you won’t find much like it! Available w/c 15th July in a small number of casks and 30l kegs.

Call us on 01626 879738 or email to place your order.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Who’s going to be the first to try it??

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