Dark Ness Devon Craft Ale – 1× 0.5L | 4.5% ABV


  • 4.5% ABV – Red Rock Dark Ness is a delicious award-winning dark, smooth and full bodied ale.

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This delicious award winning dark ale is smooth and full bodied. We use small amounts of Goldings and Northern Brewer hops to slightly bitter the beer, allowing the brave concoction of malts, wheats and barleys to do all the talking! Enjoy the powerful flavours of roasted coffee and oatmeal with overtones of chocolate, dried figs and plum.

The Traditional Devon Real Ales Range

They are the pioneering beers of our brewery offering a variety of traditional flavours from crisp light summer ales to hearty full strength winter brews. “As brewers we enjoy making all varieties of beers and experimenting with flavours but there really is nothing quite like a good old fashioned quality pint of foaming real ale fresh from the pump.”

‘Tis a Gurt Lush Pint!


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